Saturday, July 31, 2010

An Idiot on a Mission

 I didn't think much of my sister's husband when I first met him. It's not like I  pegged him as the "evil master reincarnated"  right away. He actually seemed harmless. A little juvenile, but harmless. My sister and he dated a very short time before he popped the question. Once again not big deal until she said yes and starting planning the wedding. That is when alarm bells started ringing.
To understand why saying yes to him was such a problem in my eyes you would have to know my sister and the kind of wedding she had in mind. Her whole life she'd had her heart on a very particular "special day" so when my sister told me that she planned on eloping to Las Vegas my brain did a double take.
Las Vegas? My sister?
No something was definitely wrong, but she insisted she had always wanted this kind of wedding. She didn't want anyone making a big fuss.
Really? Huh?
That's not what I had imagined for her, but okay. I really didn't feel it was my place to stand in her way. I kept quiet. My parents on the other hand had him pegged in the beginning. No good loser, but they didn't stand in my sister's way either. For the first few years things were a little rocky, but nothing too shocking. He didn't have  a very high paying job when they first wed so they moved in with his parents so save money and pay off his debt.
After about two months at his job he convinced my sister that it would save them money on gas if he quit and stayed home while she worked. (Yeah I wouldn't have bought it either) My sister on the other hand was determined to make it work so she worked hard and payed off his $30,000 debt while he sat home and did "projects".
These project consisted of mixing plaster of paris and setting it in a mold then putting it on stop of ball barrings so it would spin. He was sure he was going to be able to sell these and make millions. To my sisters credit she put  nix on him staying home after that, but not before calling me and giving me a good laugh. (Seriously the things was not only worthless, but broke with a single spin.)
He found a better paying job, that he hated of course. My sister tried for months to get him to go to school and even offered to pay for it so when he finally decided he wouldn't have to work if he went to school he signed up and they relocated so he could go to school and once again she could support him.

Now I'm sure you're wondering why this post is title as such and here's why. For the next twelve years of marriage my brother in law would spend countless hours thinking of ways to make money with only a little investment in time, money and energy on his part. Not only did most of his plan fall through and he lost money, but he would blame her for his failure because she wasn't willing to "give her all." He created such heartache for my sister financially and emotionally, but instead of giving him the bird and telling him to take a hike she would tried even harder to make him happy. 

To some of you this is probably all too familiar, but for those who have never met "Satan" this might seem strange. Hang in there things get worse from here on out. 

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Beginning

In the beginning God created man and when he saw that man was lonely he created him a woman. He placed said man and said woman into a beautiful garden where they lived happily for a while. They only had to follow one rule which was not to eat from the apple tree.
Doesn't sound to hard does it?
Unfortunately someone else visited in the garden and that someone tempted the woman to eat an apple from the tree bring great sorrow to the man for he knew that God would throw the woman out of the garden and he would be alone again so in order to stay together the man ate an apple as well.
Now to make a long story short the man and woman were thrown out of the garden to live in the hard world outside their beautiful sanctuary.
I think most of us have heard this story told before and I'm sure you're wondering what this story has to do with me divorcing my sister's husband. Well you know the someone who tempted the woman to eat the apple...yeah my sister married him.
Thus the reason for "I'm Divorcing My Sister's Husband".