Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Beginning

In the beginning God created man and when he saw that man was lonely he created him a woman. He placed said man and said woman into a beautiful garden where they lived happily for a while. They only had to follow one rule which was not to eat from the apple tree.
Doesn't sound to hard does it?
Unfortunately someone else visited in the garden and that someone tempted the woman to eat an apple from the tree bring great sorrow to the man for he knew that God would throw the woman out of the garden and he would be alone again so in order to stay together the man ate an apple as well.
Now to make a long story short the man and woman were thrown out of the garden to live in the hard world outside their beautiful sanctuary.
I think most of us have heard this story told before and I'm sure you're wondering what this story has to do with me divorcing my sister's husband. Well you know the someone who tempted the woman to eat the apple...yeah my sister married him.
Thus the reason for "I'm Divorcing My Sister's Husband".