Friday, October 15, 2010

You Be The Judge

I've been hearing a lot about not judging and accepting people for who and what they are. I find this advice interesting. Do you really thing this advice is wise if taken to the extreme people are asking you too? I think you should be judging. You have to in order to get through life.

Here is an example: If I am walking down a dark street and two large men are walking in my direction I am going to judge. I am going to think, "Gee those two guys look scary. They might hurt me. I think I'm going to turn and walk in a different direction."

Do I actually know that the two guys are going to hurt me? No I don't, but I would rather judge the situation for what it is and be cautious. They might be jolly good folk and I might have just missed out on meeting two really interesting people, but I judged the situation and made the best decision on the judgement that I could.

What this all comes down to is everyone should judge. You need to judge situations, people's intentions, peoples character, and people's history. I believe that people can change, but if I am living next door to a sex offender I probably won't ask them to babysit my children. I would talk to them and give them a chance to be a better person, but I would have to judge the situation and realize that I need to protect my children at all costs. I have to do this even if it might hurt someones feelings.

So bottom line is people need to use their brains. I can love or like someone and still not trust them to make good decisions. Be smart,  be kind, be honest, but most of all be realistic. The world can be a scary place so use your best judgement when navigating life's seas.

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  1. Funny you should write about this. I was thinking about this after another post I read. This person preached the joys and benefits of teaching their child to not be judgemental of others. I couldn't help thinking had this person "judged" her fiance better she would not have become engaged to a married man. She later broke off the engagement, but talked of how difficult it all had been. Maybe this sounds "judgmental" but what kind of person asks somone to marry them while they are still married? I think I would have to "judge" that person and say no to a relationship with them. I find that woman who aren't "judgemental" usually settle for crap. I did. I know I, for one, am going to be judging the heck out of anyone I date.