Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dear Commercial Christmas,

I hate you. I hate the expectations of giving gifts because you say I have too. Isn't the point of giving gifts supposed to be because I want to not because I'm expected too. I hate that instead of Jesus being the reason for the season it's a fat man in a red suit. I hate you fat man. I hate that you have set such high expectations for children around the world. It's making them greedy. Instead of wondering about why we celebrate the holiday they are worried about how they can manage to get more gifts then their friends. I hate making the stores rich because of these expectations.

 I  am tired of worrying if I spent enough on each person's gift. I am tired of looking at gift after gift worrying if the person will like it and then decide they won't and get them a gift card so they can pick out their own gift. I hate that when I ask my youngest child what Christmas is about his first reaction is "Santa", and only after I give him a stern look he says, "Oh yeah I think it's about Jesus being born, too." I hate pretending and lying to children to keep up an illusion I can't and don't want to live up to because I won't spend what other people are willing to spend.

Commercial Christmas you suck. You have taken all the joy out of giving gifts because now people not only expect them their upset if they don't get one. You take all the joy and spirit out of what Christmas is about and I want you to know the only reason I haven't told my children the truth this far is because I respect the rights of other people and don't want my children to ruin it for anyone else.

Maybe the time has come that I do tell them the truth. Maybe it's time we celebrate what Christmas is about without you, Commercial Christmas. Maybe they need to know that Christmas has nothing to do with a fat man and everything to do with our Savior's birth and the sacrifice he made for us and that the only reason they get a gift is because of that sacrifice not because stupid elves in the North Pole.

I hate that their is such a wedge between us Commerical Christmas. I hate that this far into our relationship we haven't managed to reach an agreeable arrangement.  Maybe if you weren't so overbearing we could reach a compromise. Maybe you could take a back seat next year so that the true meaning can shine through. I don't know the solution, but if you have any idea on how to remedy this situation I would be happy to hear them. Until then I will have to continue hating you Commerical Christmas.


Torna Part


  1. I agree that modern times have become to wrapped up in the "getting" and the money part of Christmas celebrating. But they only people to blame for ourselves. There is nothing wrong with wanting to celebrate and have Santa included- as long as kids understand Santa- is mearly a figure head- for the "spirit of Christmas". Christmas is about giving- symbolically and physically. Not only of gifts- but of love, joy and understanding. Christmas can be beautiful and pure even in this day and age. I don't consider it a lie when we tell our kids about Santa. No more so than the "tooth fairy" or "magic" or any other "fairy tale" creature. It's about imagination. Letting them use it, and have something beyond "here" to believe in. Sometimes, we as the parents, let the "commercial" side of things spoil it. Our kids understand more than we think they do. Whether it's one gift- 3 gifts- or 10 gifts- its our responsibility to teach them what Christmas is about and to reign in their greediness, or demanding-ness. Its our job to balance that tight-rope of spiritual & worldy. But if the world has been sucked too much into "Commercial" Christmas...we have only ourselves to blame.

  2. That said- I also think we all- me included- don't emphasize the fact that Jesus is the Reason for the Season as the saying goes. Jesus is what it's about. The gift giving is secondary to that. But there again lies the problem. If we are failing to do that, how can our kids know the difference?!

  3. I don’t hate Christmas. I love what Christmas is really about. I love my Savior. I love the Christmas music, Christmas baking, and being with family. I don't hate giving gifts I just hate that because of the commercialism it’s expected of me. I want to give, but a gift isn’t really a gift if I feel like I have to give it.
    I never said we shouldn’t celebrate it. I just would like Santa to play a smaller part…a lot smaller. When you tell children they have to believe in Santa in order to get a gift I feel like I’m lying to them. They will get a gift because it’s Christmas and I love them not because they believe or not. The Santa of today is not the same guy that started all of this. I enjoy a fun Christmas story as much as the next guy and I love to make believe and enjoy the world of fantasy, but what we do with Santa feels like a lie to me.
    Do I want to ruin it for my kids or the rest of the world’s children? No, but I would like to focus on Christ and who Old Saint Nick really was and what he did. It is our job as parents to teach our children to give, but how does the commercial Santa teach that? We do have ourselves to blame that things have gotten so commercial and that’s why I would like to see a little more balance.
    I love to watch the old Christmas movies like White Christmas, and Holiday Inn and it is fun to watch The Polar Express and all the other movies. I just want my kids to know that it’s just make believe and not what Christmas is really about. I don’t want to see the fun part of the celebration end just the madness and all the expectations. My favorite part of Christmas is reading the stories of An Old Fashion Christmas and spending time with my family. That is what brings the Christmas spirit in my mind, the quiet giving and then not worrying if you’re going to get anything in return.

  4. I just read another blog that was also fed up. I think we try to do to much and in doing so, ruin Christmas. I think a serious effort is needed when we try and put the Savior first and it just shouldn't be as hard as it is to put the Savior first on his own birthday. I hope next year I do a better job than I have done this year. The one thing I did do right is letting my children give gifts for the simple joy of seeing someone happy. This has been truly fun to watch my children give because they want to and not because it was expected. My five year old has used a couple of rolls of wrapping paper to wrap some of his own things to give to his brothers, cousins, and myself because he is sure we will enjoy his things and he doesn't have enough money to buy everyone he loves a gift. Giving with the right attitude is amazing. Hopefully the gifts will be received with gratitude.