Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Saving The Planet

I love hypocrites. They make me smile on a continual basis.  One of my favorite hypocrites would have to be Richard . He is a fountain of abundant wisdom and loves to share that wisdom, but never follow it.One of my favorite words of wisdom he has recently share with one of his children was this...

Richard to his son, "I don't believe in  your church anymore because they don't do anything to save the planet. You have to save the planet in order to be a good person and your church doesn't do anything that helps the planet."

Later that day my nephew asked my sister why the church doesn't do anything to save the planet. Her response was to go online and show him the thousands of things their church does to help the planet. After this she asked her son how he felt about what his Dad said and he said, "Yeah I didn't think he was telling the truth because Dad has a hard time telling the truth, even about stupid stuff."

Then my sister asked my nephew, "What does your Dad do to help the planet?"

My nephew thought long and hard about this before he answered with, "Not a lot I guess, but he doesn't flush the toilet when he pees so he can save water." 

Good one, Richard. Way to help the planet by being moron.


  1. LOL!!!!!!!!
    Oh. MY. WORD!!! That is rich!

  2. My boys are doing lots to save the planet then....LOTS! :)