Thursday, January 13, 2011


 It's be years since I've I've been on a date with anyone besides my husband so when it comes to giving advice to my newly divorced sister I don't have much. My sister is on a dating site and has had several men ask her out to which one she has accepted. He seems like a really nice guy and I hope they have a great time. They plan to meet at the restaurant and then leave separately so she is being safe since they did meet online. She is nervous so if anyone has any advice please comment.

It's an awesome world that a single mom with four kids can still meet people without having to leave her children all the time. It's also cool that she can weed out anyone that she knows is not what she is looking for through the websites compatibility tests. She know they are not fool proof and that people can lie, but it is a nice jumping off point.

The only thing that is a little weird is how many older men are hitting on her. She is in her mid thirties and guys in their late fifties and early sixties are flirting with her and asking her out. Maybe it isn't so weird, but there is the question. How old is too old? I realized that older man marry younger woman all the time and there isn't a code of reference for this kind of stuff, but I want to know what you think. How old would be too old in your mind?

Please comment and share your opinion.

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  1. 50's or 60's is wwwaaaayyyyy too old! Ick!!! Maybe they saw her credentials and want her to be there to change their bums when they get older!! HAHAHAHAHA!