Sunday, January 2, 2011

Moving On

My sister is divorced. It's official. They still have to go to court to divide all the assets, but she is a free woman. So what now? It's time to move on I guess. It's a new year and with it new adventures. I am interested to see what the judge will decide. Richard is still out of the country so we aren't sure if she will have to wait until he is back in order to finish this. He is not military so hopefully things can be resolved quickly.

I'm happy for her. She is entering a new exciting and scary part of again. I'm sure that must be strange, but I think she is ready to at least have a few guy friends. It's been almost two years since she was separated from Richard and she has pretty much locked herself away until the divorce was final. Now she feels she can start looking for something new. A friendship, a boyfriend, or maybe just an email pal. Who knows?

As for me I am also entering a new stage in life. My youngest is going to be in school this August leaving me at home alone. You might be wondering what I will be doing with my new found freedom. Go shopping everyday, make a daily trip to the gym, or maybe just lounge around the house reading and writing. That does sound nice doesn't it? But not me. I can't seem to give myself a break. So here it goes. My husband and I are going to be foster parents! Yep you heard me right. We have decided to get out license so we can foster children five years old and younger.

We are excited and nervous at the same time. Our children are all for it, but I'm sure there will be time when we all wonder what the heck we were thinking. I'm sure there will be tears of joy and sadness, but either way we are entering a new world and hope to be able to give a few children a home were they feel safe and loved until their own parents can figure out their lives.

So here's to the new year! May God bless and watch over all of you and may you find the things in life that make you happy.


  1. Your amazing. Simply amazing ;)! Thank you for being in my life!!! (I love ya!) Good luck on your new adventure...hopefully..I will be able to help ya in some way!

  2. I am always amazed at the direction our lives take when we are open to it. Love you and know you will do great.